A Content Management System or CMS is software that is used for creating, managing and editing a website even if you do not have any specialized technical skills or knowledge.

With CMS, you can develop and design a website without even having to write the code. In short, a CMS website is a website that is developed by using a content management system.


Some popular content management system examples are:


WordPress is the most popular content management system example, it has the largest market share amongst its competitors. It is used by over 42% of websites.

Some big names like The New York Times or BBC America or Forbes are WordPress CMS websites.

Working on WordPress is extremely easy and you can create really professional looking websites with it. It is inexpensive, you can even say almost free.

A CMS which is both reliable and flexible, which offers get the performance to your visitors. Posting new content and pages is very easy with WordPress. It has a powerful editor which is very useful for formatting the content.


After WordPress, Joomla is the second most content management system example. It may not be as beginner-friendly as WordPress, but it is very flexible in a number of aspects of web development and creation.

Like WordPress, it is also an open-source CMS that enables users to develop and build engaging and professional-looking web pages without having the need to know coding or any other technical skills.

Joomla offers multilingual support, which saves you from using plugins or extensions for adding languages to your website. You can also use more than one templates or themes at once on the same website for different types of content.


Drupal has all the features required for a good CMS. Though it is not as easy to use and is more complicated than WordPress or Joomla, it is a good content management system example, because it was developed keeping in mind the needs of website developers.

It is considered far more secure than WordPress and Joomla. It is known for its scalability and security features, making it a better option for business CMS websites.